When I grow up I wanna be a _________________

So I have always loved learning and teaching… whenever I thought of what i wanted to do when I grew up I would think of becoming a teacher.  I just loved the school environment, the research, the questions and watching people get inspired and excited.

But I took some different paths, some involved learning and teaching but not in the traditional teacher role.  Some were closely related like studying to become a Special Education Assistant.   And some were unexpected like becoming mom to three little babes, that part was expected, it’s the things they have taught me I didn’t even know I need to learn (like patience, selfishness and unconditional love) that was unexpected. 

I love being mom and teaching and learning from my 3 little crazy kiddos but I still feel like I need something for me.  Moms can you relate?  You become a mom and it involves so many wonderful aspects and new experiences but I feel like I lost a little of me as an individual and in my case gained a whole pack of mini me’s. I guess parts of you live on in your kids and maybe those are the pieces I am missing now.   

Lucky for me doTerra oils entered my life and I have only signed up to sell the oils less than a month ago and I am absolutely in love.  I am in love with the product and using them but more than that I love learning about the company and how they started, how the oils are sourced and extracted and where they come from and finally how they are helping people, some of the testimonials are amazing.  

It’s funny I never thought this would be the thing I needed for me, but it has opened my eyes at taking a few more risks, trying something new and even helped over come some of the anxieties I have developed around social situations since having my kids.  Pre kids I was super social and super confident, post kids I have been humbled and started to doubt myself a little.  It’s so funny the pressures you feel as a parent and how lonely and judgemental parenthood can be.  It definitely was not what I expected.  

I have no pressure to earn a set dollar value from my doTerra business so it really is a nice feeling knowing I can do whatever I want with it. I can use it as a way to meet or attract like minded people, I can even use it as a way to get involved with community events and I can also use it as a way to get social and interact with adults again:). Sounds ridiculous and you shouldn’t need an “excuse” to do these things but this was the push I needed to do all this and more.  Thank you doTerra and the people that come with this amazing business for waking up my passion again!  (If you are interested in joining my team or becoming a builder with doTerra please CONTACT ME). 

I have started to watch information videos and participate in webinars and I cannot believe what I am learning. I am so thankful for today’s technology and how I can use it to learn in my pj’s (or more like my new Paper Label Nicola playsuit), from my bed, with all my kids.  I am having fun and getting inspired all at the same time.  Through this learning I have discovered a little bit about who I want to be when I grow up.

So here is the short list,  when I grow up I wanna be

  • Curious
  • Inspired
  • Brave enough to take risks
  • Strong
  • Interesting
  • Motivated

I hope I am on the right path. What do you want to be?  Are you living your dreams or working towards them?  What stops you or even better what encourages you?

I am living my dreams and more, my tribe encourages me more than they will every know (my family, friends, Fraser, the kids and my readers).   What used to stop me was my own self doubt and negative talk but once I started to believe all the positive and inspiring comments I was getting from my tribe I started to feel more capable of exploring and taking risks. 

Hope this inspires you to take risks and do something for yourself like I did!  With September fast approaching and my calendar filling up I really just wanted to let everyone know why and what I was doing with this doTerra business and also introduce myself.  I will continue to post about the oils and how they can help you in everyday life but if you have any questions or would like a sample of something please please please reach out to me or come by one of my upcoming events:

September 8th I will be participating in Girls Night Out at Emma Lea Farms, come by and try out our Deep Blue Rub to help with any sore or tired muscles before or after Fitness with PJ The Studio’s amazing workout!  Plus I will have a few sprays to cool you down and even some ice cold water for you to try with some of our citrus oils to infuse it. Click her for more information on the event. 

September 9th You can find me at The Ladner Summer Night Market at the Odd Fellows Hall.  Come by and smell some of our oils, enter to win a prize or just come by to chat!

Stay Tuned for more Events later in September. 

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