Meet The Fam…


ROWEN. November 21, 2014

First born, only son, takes after his father, fairly shy and quiet until he’s comfortable, very caring and loving, sensitive, the best big brother!


  • Motorcycles, trucks, emergency vehicles,
  • Garbage Day & going to the dump
  • Chocolate, popcorn & cookies
  • Tools & fixing things
  • Monster Trucks
  • Picking up the dog poop
  • His penis
  • Hitting
  • Climbing
  • Throwing rocks and digging in dirt


  • Listening to us
  • Large social gatherings
  • Naps
  • Being in the stroller
  • Clothes & Shoes


GRACE. December 14, 2015
Middle child, takes after her mother, very bad temper, stubborn, full of humor and master of the evil eye, so much personality crammed into one tiny human, wants to do anything her big brother is doing!


  • Stuffed animals
  • Reading
  • FOOD, literally anything.  Spicy, healthy, strong flavour, doesn’t matter she will try and usually eat all of it.
  • Being held and cuddled
  • Shoes and accessories
  • Sesame Street
  • Swimming and water, she loves the beach
  • Being in the stroller
  • Baby Eleanor


  • Sitting at the table *because she wants to stand on top of it!
  • Getting in her car seat
  • Sleeping with us, she likes her own space
  • Having her hair washed or brushed.


ELEANOR. March 29, 2017

Our baby, the most content, easy going, smiley little gal you every met.


  • Everything


  • Nothing

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