My Perfect Day

This weekend we celebrated the marriage of two of our best friends.  Fraser was in the wedding party and the event took place at very close friends of ours farm.  Everything about the wedding itself was beautiful; the decor, outfits, setting and all details were incredible but after a weekend of laughs, love, friends, family and food we feel like we know the secret to a happy and fulfilled life. It was not the details and the tangible things and stuff that made the wedding it was the quality of the people. This couple are two of the most genuine and caring people you could meet. It was so cool to see the variety and depth of friendships they both have developed and the people that are drawn to them both. 

Fraser and I were chatting today about how great the whole weekend was and just how much fun and how happy we felt after it all was said and done.  It got us thinking that if all three of our kids can find partnerships like this bride and groom did and have that many loyal and dear friends to celebrate with then we will have done our job as parents right. We all want matieralistic stuff like beautiful homes, fancy cars, nice clothes and even things like high paying jobs and success, but at the end of the day I would not measure the success of ones life by any of those things. Instead for me success is the impact you have had on those around you and the relationships you build.  The saying above couldn’t be more true for me today and hopefully always. It isn’t what I have or don’t have that matter, it’s who!  And I can honestly say I am so blessed with the people that i have in my life and in Fraser and the kids.  The bride and grooms parents seemed proud and I can see why, so this coming week I will try to keep this fresh in my mind so I can lead by example and show our kids what is really important.  I am definitely waking up today feeling very successful, knowing the value of my friendships!  Happy Labour Day, hope your are enjoying it with someone you love!

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