Beginning of a new Decade…

First I need to say HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to my youngest sister KP!  Now I couldn’t think of a better way to wish her Happy Birthday than to write about it on the blog, my sister may not agree but I hope she likes it (better to beg forgiveness than to ask for permission)!  

Welcome to your 30’s Sis… this decade is going to bring so much joy and success to you and to our family.  Although I have only been in my 30’s for 3 short years I can tell you they have been the best.  The 30’s have been when life really starts to get good.

With your 30’s come confidence and life experiences that have shaped you into the decisive and strong woman you are.  You may be our youngest sister but you are no baby anymore.  Gone are your wild and crazy days (or more like nights), replaced with trips, parties and creating traditions spent with friends and family that can only be developed after years of memory making moments.  You have always been the outgoing sister who knows everyone, but by your 30’s you now have quality friendships and I am so proud of the people you choose to spend your time with.  Not only do your 30’s mean you are decisive about the people you surround yourself with but you somehow become busier and learn to do only the things you want to or like to do.  I hope this is true for you this decade, hopefully you are no longer afraid to say no to stuff because you know by saying no to something you are also saying yes to something else.

For you specifically your 30’s will have a wedding, which we cannot wait for. This means your 30’s has officially brought you a whole bunch of new family.  Selfishly I love that your 30’s brings us a brother!  It is also the decade you are going back to school to get your BA, this is something I am so unbelievably proud and inspired by.  I hope this decade not only brings you a husband, a degree but also advances in your career and family life (make me an auntie again!).  

Whatever your 30’s bring you I hope they bring as much happiness as your heart has room for, more fun and adventure that you knew possible and just enough sorrow or pain that you appreciate how full and blessed your life is.  I cannot wait to see what the next 30 bring, as your first 30 were a pretty great start!  

Hope Vegas with your fiancé and friends is fun and Palm Springs with all the aunts, mom and sister are relaxing!  Great way to start off your 30’s. 

Cheers to your 30’s

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