MIA- Busy playing and resting!

Sorry I have been Missing in Action the last week or so of September and it kinda feels like I can’t quite catch up.  Catch up to what though???

These past couple of days have been one of some strange things, for me personally but also for the world.  We have had a lot of sadness and loss, my immediate family has caught their first flu of the fall and our house has become a little more emotional and a whole lot more sleep deprieved (and with a family of 3 under 3, sleep deprieved is our norm… but this musical beds is getting to everyone).

So tonight as I look around at the piles of laundry and dishes and at the lists of unfinished projects I ask myself what really matters and what is important. Instead of cleaning up and checking off a list I am taking time to rest and make sure my family rests, as well as connect with those who I love and need to know it.

When we experience loss I know my family likes to re-evaluate and remind ourselves what is really important. This time of year already has me counting blessings and giving thanks for so many things in my life but even more so this year! This afternoon when my snotty and feverish little girl begged to go to the park we packed up and headed to the beach for a little fresh air and play, we still came home to the dishes and the laundry but it was okay.  The dishes and laundry will get done and are a part of life and reality but sometimes we need to make time for play and rest.  In an overscheduled and fast paced world play and rest can sometimes get shoved to the bottom of the list.  I am constantly over scheduling myself and my family but I am starting to realize all we really want is a bit of downtime. I know how fast life flies by and that there are a few precious years or more that your kids want to spend time with you and look up to you like nothing else, I don’t want to waste them no matter how tired or how challenging it can sometimes be.

I have loved blogging so far and will continue to do it as long as it brings me joy and happiness. That being said I might not get as many posts as I wanted to in a week done, or I might be MIA sometimes and that is okay:)  The funny thing is we put the most pressure on ourselves, and when we learn to cut ourselves a bit of slack it’s amazing how rewarding it can be!  Make time for the things and people that matter (not excuses).  You only have one life, make it count!  XO


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