Give Thanks

Holidays have always been big in my family, my mom made sure to celebrate each and every holiday.  Whether it was homemade cards, special food or new outfits and gifts… often it was all of that!  What made it even more special was that we always had a big family that lived close so we got to celebrate with everyone.  

Becoming a parent changed holidays for me huge!  First, the gifts and cards and special food was no longer for me… which was a little sad, but I get it everyone loves a baby:)  Also it made me appreciate how fortunate we were and still are, and has made me want to continue my families traditions and some new ones with my own family!  

Seeing a holiday through the eyes of a child is even better than experiencing it on my own.  It is funny to see what a different opinion Fraser has from mine , he thinks I’m a little crazy and a little over the top (which sometimes I am).  Despite all that and the fact that he really doesn’t “get it”, he humours me and goes along with whatever I want to do with the kids and I think he is starting to love it as much as I do!  

Growing up I figured everyone celebrated holidays like we did, obviously as I got older I realized it wasn’t quite true.  Then when I started my own family and began to learn customs and traditions from Fraser I saw that every family celebrates so differently.  We have learnt to blend our ideas of holidays together and find ones that we both love.  Fraser has accepted that almost every holiday comes with gifts from Nan (and the kids love it), I have learnt that we will not buy our kids gifts for every holiday (I still try to, thankful for Nan and Great Grandma tho!) and I have learnt to love brussels sprouts (I had to ask my mom why we never had them?  I guess she never liked them). 

We started new traditions, like usually (we couldn’t make it this year) we spend Thanksgiving in 100 Mile.  I like to think it’s to see the beauty and change of season in the Cariboo but the real reason is so the men can hunt:)  Whatever the reason, we get a weekend away in a beautiful place with our family!  Plus the kids get to experience the outdoors and play with cousins. I couldn’t think of a nicer Thanksgiving tradition than giving the gift of time and experience. 

Along with these tangible traditions I also like to look at Thanksgiving as a great time to remind ourselves how blessed our lives are and what we are all thankful for.  I know in my own life I have so much to be thankful for, and I really hope this is a tradition I can start and continue with my kids!  

This year when I was giving thought to all that I was thankful for I was genuinely overwhelmed… because the list was too long and my life is so absolutely full.  Then I started to think who I was thankful for (and again the list was very long) but one person stood out.  

This year I am so thankful for my partner in life and my best supporter, Fraser, because without him my lists might not be so full!  He works so hard (he is a longshoreman so “hard” is a relative term which I use loosely), lets say he banks a lot of hours at work, so that we can have the lifestyle that we do.  It isn’t a fancy or crazy lifestyle but it is a relaxed one, that gives us lots of time together as a family, as well as lots of flexibility.  

He not only works a paying job but he also spends time helping cook, clean, maintain stuff (house, cars, life) and so much more, basically he is just there.  This year he has encouraged and supported me while I took on a new blog, new business (DoTerra), started consulting on the side and all while caring for 3 kids under 3.  

He not only supports us all financially but he is a huge emotional support.  So when I enjoy our relaxed weekend spending time doing things we love, cooking a beautiful meal, looking at the bouquet of flowers that arrived this morning with the groceries Frase stopped and picked up on his way home from work, or on Monday when I am not worried about who has my kids while I spend a couple of hours working, or later this month while I host a long table dinner for 9 of my closest girlfriends at one of my favourite places with yummy food and drink… the list is endless but at the start and end of this list I will forever and always be thankful for my biggest supporter and true partner through life.  

It all sounds so sappy and I hope it really comes across as genuine not fake because our life is far from perfect, we definitely have had ups and downs (and at this point I can say many more ups than downs) but we all make choices and we choose to work at making a life we are proud of and that we love!  I would say we are succeeding and I just really want to Thank Fraser for helping us to do that. 

I encourage you to take time this weekend to remind yourself of the things but also the people you are thankful for, and let them know!  Life is short, this last week we had two friends loose loved ones unexpectedly and it has been a good reminder that we need to take advantage of the time we have!  

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, hope it is spent with those you love!  As my nieces say “Gobble TIL you Wobble!”  

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