Our Happy Place

Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a place to escape to when you need to recharge, and we are very lucky to have not one but a couple of these special places.  Our family loves the forest, farm and beach so our happy places are spread wide.  

My baby daddy loves to hunt, so when fall and hunting season roll around a favorite place for us is the Cariboo… if you have never been when the leaves change colour you are missing out!  All seasons have something special in the ‘Boo but nothing beats fall!  We are fortunate enough to have Grandpa W’s and Nans second home to stay in, but there are lots of little hunting cabins, airbnb spots or even lodges to stay at.   The thing about this happy place is it a 6 hour drive away and sometimes that just ain’t possible for us…

Luckily we have this beautiful bridge that takes you to an island where life slows down a bit… when we don’t have 6 hours we can usually make 5 minutes to head to Westham Island and our favourite farm Emma Lea.  Open seasonally, June- October, the farm is a place that our whole family loves.  The owners happen to be friends of ours and have created magic in a field of berries…  the stand has everything to help feed our family healthy and local foods (berries, veggies and even SPCA Certified beef!).   The thing that makes the farm so happy is the care and love you feel from the moment you step onto the property, it is a family run farm… you will always run in to someone you know and see them hard at work but never too busy to stop and say hi!  Or check in on the kids. Moms favourite is being in the fields and then grabbing a soft serve berry sundae afterwards, Rowens favorite is running the fields (did I mention the Hay Maze they have set up for the fall!!!), Grace loves the swings!  Fraser loves that we are all happy and Eleanor is still keeping quiet about what she loves the most, I have a feeeling its all the hugs and attention she gets when we go:)  Just this Sunday I threw it out to a group of friends if anyone had time meet up at the farm for a little play, it was so fun!  We had at least 4 families and lots of kiddos join us!!!  

Another family happy place is the beach… and for this one it isn’t specific to any one beach!  For now our top 3 picks are the beaches of Maui where we are booked to enjoy this winter, Tsawwassen Beach where my family had a cabin we spent the summers at, and more recently we have started to love our local Centennial Beach!  The thing about the beach is it just seems to have this calming affect on the whole family.  I don’t know what it is but bring outside, being near the water and having sand under our feet just seems to bring the whole family a peacefulness!
Where is your happy place??? Would love to hear from you.  

3 thoughts on “Our Happy Place

  1. My favourite place for a sunny afternoon is Blackies Spit at Crescent Beach. Very peaceful.
    Our family enjoys weekends away at my brother home on Gabriola Island right on the water. We all need Vitamin Sea!


  2. I love this post ! I have a few happy places…..

    Number one happy place is Disneyland ….I know somewhat unrealistic but has been my place since I was a little girl. The music, the smell, the magic ….I love.

    Secondly I love Maui …. No explanation needed but I’m always a different human when I leave there.

    My quick fix is Emma lea farms in Ladner ….. The people …the air …. The happiness it brings my energetic son. Whenever I leave there everything is back to norm. Sometimes I go early in the morning and sit alone and breath. It’s perfection !


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