You Only Have 1 Life, hope your LIVING it!

Have you ever felt like who am I to deserve all this?  Even this week, a week with lots of ups and downs in our house, sitting here looking back on it I feel like we are so lucky and wonder what did I do to deserve this? 

I have worked so hard to create the lifestyle and the culture that not only I have but my family has and I know in my heart I am deserving of everything that comes my way.  Today I am attending a very good school friends fathers funeral. It’s interesting that just a couple months ago Fraser and I attended one of his good childhood friends dads funeral and it is the thing that convinced me to start my blog.  Funerals are a strange thing, and it has been scary and hard to digest that we are now at a stage in our life where we are attending friends parents funerals.  It is a reminder that our parents age and are getting older, they won’t be here forever.  

Here is the thing about funerals, although sad, they are a way for the dead to continue to live their purpose and inspire in whatever way they had while they were living,  Also they are a way for us to celebrate someone and all the living they did.  The funeral we attended a couple months ago definitely did that, it was someone I had never met and didn’t know but I went for Fraser, the strange thing is I went to be supportive for him and came home feeling like I knew the man and that he had lived a life of purpose and meaning, which was inspiring. 

You might wonder what one would gain from a funeral, the answer is lots!  I learnt that your life can change almost instantly, so absolutely don’t waste a minute of it. I learnt that you should do things you love with people you love every chance you get!  And that one person can have a huge impact. 

I came home from that funeral and re-evaluated. I don’t know if it’s changed since having kids but my priorities have shifted and I am so happy they did. I often think of my old life and wonder how did I have time to watch TV?  Why didn’t I find more to be passionate about and why did I waste time on things or people that didn’t matter… life is too short!  You can’t go back but you can  live a life of intention and purpose starting today!  

The people I surround myself with, not only in my personal life, but more recently in every area of my life… my gym, my grocery store, my hardware store, DoTerra and team- Carsen, Ashley, Nicole, Ros & Carlie, my healthcare providers including my doc, naturopath, dentist, eye doc, my children’s school and more…. the list could go on forever . These people are the reason I am inspired and motivated. If we are not here to encourage and support and help each other to grow then really what are we here for?  I have really made this shift in my life and I can’t believe the positive impact it has had on all areas.  Basically I just started to surround myself and make time for those I love and that matter, and it started to multiply… I found like minded people started to gravitate towards me and would just appear right when I needed them most.  It didn’t mean changing everyone that was already in my life, in fact it meant appreciating those people and carving out a little more time for them, and maybe saying no to those things and people that didn’t fit with my values.   Your Vibe attracts your Tribe!!!  

Still not sure what this would look like in your life?  Well first thing is I planned a girls night (stay tuned, it is happening next weekend and I will be sharing some of it with you!), I value my friendships hugely and sometimes life gets busy and we miss connecting with those that are the way we get emotional support and inspiration!  I honestly can’t imagine how lonely or sad a life without these ladies (and men) would be as these are the people you need for good and bad times and when you finally do carve out time with them you leave feeling rejeuvenated and ready to take on the world again!   I happen to be so incredibly blessed with a wide spread and diverse group of people, so it is very difficult to make time to connect often with everyone, sometimes this might just look like a text to check in, dropping off a card, some cookies or even flowers, inviting them to an event we might both enjoy (like a workshop your already doing, or a meeting you both might get something out of), it might even be getting groceries together…nothing wrong with a little multitasking.  Just because its sometimes difficult to schedule doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen, make time to make it work… take those extra measures to see someone, who knows what it will do for your mental well being and for the other person. 

 As I get ready for the celebration of life today I will take the time to appreciate my own life and the simple blessings we so easily take for granted because we all know how quickly those simple things change and can be gone. It is easy to be angry or to rush through things but I want to enjoy as much as possible!  I want to be around people who get me, won’t judge me and bring out my best!  I hope that this has inspired you just a little or reminded you to appreciate someone today and everyday and make sure you let them know.  

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