Check In… Who or why am I doing this for?

Every once and a while I need to check in and remind myself the reasons I am doing certain things… 

Today has been one of those days!  Wednesdays are usually a pretty good day as the kids have swimming lessons!  

We decided to splurge this season and try out Swim Clo. lessons for the kids.  I was excited about the lessons and have been wanting to try them for awhile (watch their promo video and you will see why), but it took a while to commit mainly because of the price.  However, after having 3 kids under 3 and realizing what a fiasco trying to go to the pool with only 2 parents and 3 very little ones was we decided they were worth the price just for convenience.  

All of our kids are still only eligible for parented classes with the Leisure Center and we just couldn’t make that work.  Of course I have had a few interesting responses from people when I tell them about the lessons, a few eye rolls or even comments like “Are you trying to create the next Micheal Phelps, they are only 1&2”.  I know how young my kids are and I know why we are doing it. Maybe a part of me hopes they excel and break records and swim laps but the realist in me just likes the half an hour break I get where my kids are usually happily swimming and I get to a chance to breathe!  Lets be honest my kids aren’t even close to swimming laps, we are happy if they get wet!  
Today I needed a good reminder of why and who I am doing the lessons for, before we even got to the pool it was a bit of chaos as the rain was terrible and no one wanted to get into the car.  Then we realized I didn’t have all the car seats in my car so Fraser had to go move the seats from his truck, meanwhile Grace took off outside (I thought Frase had her, he thought I had her). I was too busy trying to force Rowen to wear shoes and a shirt… just the usual chaos!

Fast forward to the pool, we arrive and of course they have some event going on and there is no parking.  When we finally get all settled and get up to the pool, the kids decide Grace is going first so she goes and I start to get Rowen ready. Picture this crazy kid hopping around the change rooms stripping down the few clothes he was willing to put on. Before he gets too carried away I can smell it, the kid took a huge S#@t!  Oh and of course it is the one time I forgot the wipes!!!  So I quickly and frantically try to clean him up.  Well we get all cleaned up and he has on swim diaper and swimsuit and I can still smell it… he took another poop!  Are you kidding me and now I am worried Grace and the instructor will be here soon… so we change the second diaper as fast as I can hoping Grace is still swimming.  Good news is we survived. Grace came in and Rowen happily finished another great lesson.  And that is why I do this… to see my confident and adorable son watching with pride while his sister swims and asking “Mom, is it my turn yet?”  

So to recap, 25 diaper changes (6 S#$tty diapers) later and I have made it to bedtime!  Kids are clean, happy, healthy and alive, sleeping (most in the same bed, but I don’t care as long as they are sleeping!). We even got a load of laundry and some clean up done today, made a nice dinner and 2 out of 3 kids bathed.   I’m taking successes where I can and calling it a good day!

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