Raising the Patient Parent.

Just over three years ago we had just become parents for the very first time. November 21st is not just our sons birthday but its an anniversary of the day our lives changed in the most amazing and unforgettably life altering way.

Here is the thing, previous to our babies we had jobs, disposable income, uninterrupted sleep, proper personal hygiene, hobbies, friends and more. But despite our best efforts we were selfish, judgmental and rigid people. Nothing has the ability to effect you like a baby. No amount of online research, parenting books and babysitting can prepare you for the rollercoaster of emotions that parenting is.

Sometimes (or a lot of the time) Fraser and I joke about not having kids or at least getting rid of a couple of them. But most of the time, when we are at home and everyone is finally asleep or when we see one of them do something amazing for the first time or maybe they are just being funny and say the right things at the right time we have a moment where we look at each other and feel more love than you can ever even imagine you deserve or will know. That is why we would never change it and we accept the bad with all the good and we change a million diapers and we are never rested and we leave our house in a constant state of disaster… the list is endless! We absolutely are thankful for these little people and all that they have taught us and continue to teach us.

Here is the thing I have learnt in these short 3 years as being a parent. A lot can change in 3 years. You have no idea what you are about to learn pre-kids. Babies and kids are the best teachers you will ever meet, stay open to it and these little ones might actually be more of a role model and mentor than anyone else in your life will ever be. We think we are here to teach and raise our kids but I actually think its the opposite. The young are here to teach and raise the old. Our selfish, judgemental and rigid ways have slowly over time evolved into selfless, empathetic and flexible ways. We are forever learning and forever tested.

One of my favourite moments is listening or watching Fraser deal with Rowen (usually during a distressing moment). Sometimes its because the yogurt is in the wrong bowl, the lego broke and he cant get it back together just right or whatever and these are moments PK (Pre kids) Fraser would have been frustrated but to listen to this super laid back, totally in control Papa just deal with these moments like a pro! Makes this mamas heart flutter. Because in these moments I know we are both growing from all the lessons these kids are teaching us.

We celebrated Rowens birthday with as much of his favourite stuff as we could, this year was evident how much Rowen has taught me because despite my inner party planner I went with stuff I knew the birthday boy would enjoy and resisted my planning temptations. SO instead of an over the top celebration we had a day of friends, family, fries, pizza, donuts and even Nans house! He was so excited… it was a perfect day! He took Delta Bakery donut holes to school, met up with a few friends and cousins for a McDonalds Birthday Party (***Best cheapest easiest thing ever) and then off for more presents and cake at Nans house!

Now, on to Graces Birthday… we are doing a birthday breakfast at home! I am trying to convince the family we should do matching PJ’s but so far I am loosing:( I guess you gotta pick your battles!

What do you do for your kids birthdays? Any favourite traditions you have? Do you get sad around children’s birthdays, or use it as a time to reflect? I am thinking about celebrating half birthday instead (easier for party planning and helps to spread out gifts and not do soooo much around Christmas), anyone do this?

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