Surrounded by LOVE

Today was a bittersweet day for us, we attended a friends Celebration of Life and were reminded that Life is precious and unpredictable and that we are surrounded by Love.

Our life is far from perfect or even easy, but is anyone’s? Lately I have been wanting to just shut myself in a little bubble and be with our family of five. It is safe with the five of us and feels so cozy and good, so if that is what I need I of course will listen and take time to just be a family.

However, today seeing all the lives that had been impacted, for the better, by just one man reminded me to let the world in and surround myself by those that matter. Make time and tell people how you feel. We have been so incredibly blessed by the quality of people that we surround ourself by.

The best part about our friends and family is even if we don’t see them often, they are always around for the good and also for the hard stuff. I love the mix of friendships we have, and feel grateful everyday.

Fraser is a biker at heart (he is more of a dad in real life but we are working on finding balance for this “biker dad”). Some of our friends are bikers.

We both grew up in Ladner so some of our friends are from childhood.

Fraser is a longshoreman so some of our friends are longshore

I have friends from working at The Rack some of our friends are my past coworkers and customers.

Some of our friends are from my sisters and parents, family friends.

Some are past and present neighbours

The kids are now making friends and some of their families are becoming our friends.

One of my favourite is friends of friends plus so many more.

I think it is really nice to have friends from all different walks of life and different perspectives. In a world where we try to simplify so much, and live with less I am realizing how much I love living with such an amazing and diverse but big group of friends. Sometimes I feel like its overwhelming and I can’t keep up with everyone but I think that’s okay we all get busy!

Tonight I go to bed thinking of our friend, R, and all that he accomplished in his too short life, the things that mattered. A marriage that had love, a child he was proud of and who loved him, friends who he did anything and everything for and who had fond happy memories, a workplace and family who will miss him and a community that celebrated him.

I don’t want to miss out on life, I want all of this too! So, I will wake up tomorrow and smile because R was apart of our life and I will remind myself to make today count! We are in charge of how we live our life, the important thing is that we live it. The one change I want to make is reaching out to my friends when I think of them, even if it is just sending a quick text or calling for a 5 minute chat, I hope it can even be making time for a lunch date, or having a gathering. Sometimes it is as simple as telling people you miss them, and think about them.

This year has had some big challenges, losses and emotions but we also have so much to be thankful for as well as lots to look forward to! I hope you read this and it reminds you to see the good in your own life, and let people know you love them and are thinking about them.

#liveafulllife #livewithlove

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