Local Love, Beautiful BC

With Fall and Back to School fast approaching there are parts of me nervous for the winter season… I LOVE sunshine, sand and warm weather. Being outside is easy when it is nice out, and outside makes everyone happier. However we live in a place that is lucky enough to have all four seasons and with the colder seasons comes some challenges for myself… including getting outside despite cold and wet weather, and feeling inspired on dreary days. Keeping this in mind, and knowing we are most likely not going to head to a warmer beach for the winter I have decided to put together some of our favourite BC spots to visit and some of our Wish List items so we can work towards some stuff to do this year while we are staying local.


Thanksgiving in the ‘Boo

Nothing like seeing the change of colours in the Fall through the Caribou Region. We are fortunate to have Grandpa W & Nans Cabin to stay at however every year our whole extended family head up for Thanksgiving (and hunting season) and my little Fab Farlow Five rent a cabin on a ranch (Wettstone Guest Ranch).

We have been there with snow on the ground and during a typical “Fall” with crisp air and colourful leaves. Both were beautiful and I can imagine warmer months would be equally as great. Some of our favourite things about Wettstone Guest Ranch are the affordable accommodations, the shared great room and available breakfast and the horse back riding. This year will be our third year staying at Wettstone (our sixth year spending Thanksgiving in the ‘Boo) and I defiantly recommend it as something to try!

Gates looking out from the cabin.
Viewpoint at Wettstone Guest Ranch.
Grooming and getting the horses geared up are all part of the experience at the Ranch.
Views of the lake from the bedroom after the first snowfall were cause for excitement with these three!
Doesn’t matter what the season is in the Cariboo, we will often have a fire, bonus if it’s outside… hot dogs followed by s’mores is a Cariboo Menu must!
I think this time of year is truly unique as it can offer something for each member of our family, the hunters of the family LOVE it! And the kids love it because it means all the toys are out!

New Years on the Ski Slopes, Mt.Timothy

We also have spent our New Years or time in January/ February up in Bridge Lake Area (near 100 Mile). We stay at Nanny’s cabin but there are many different options for hotels, motels, airbnb’s and lodges. We had even heard the Ski Mountain might have Cabins to rent for the 2021 season. This is a great getaway because you are most certain to have snow (often LOTS of it), plus Mt Timothy has lots of amenities like ski lessons, magic carpet and tube hill, snowmobile trails, etc but at a fraction of the cost of some of the bigger more populated mountains. So not only does it feel a little less crowded and personalized service but you pay way less… we loved it! Even on the days we didn’t go up to ski on the mountain we had so much fun playing outside in the snow. Snow up in the Cariboo is different than on the coast, with the proper attire (think good boots and a snow suit with gloves) everyone would go out and play for hours without wanting to come in. Play included shovelling the driveway (on the quad of course), chopping firewood, sledding down the driveway, and just exploring all the beauty! If there was a day we didn’t feel like going outside we had fun playing games, reading by the fire or watching a movie!

Eleanor is our best “looser”. So far she is happy win or loose.
All fun and games…
Any excuse for a hot chocolate.
Somehow “chores” on vacation are fun! I don’t care why, if they are happy to help we don’t ask questions.
I think he likes helping because he loves all the fire, little pyro!
Everyone wanted to plow the driveway. This driver was a little scary (may take after her Mom).
Grace loved getting all the firewood, this is not an easy job but these two found it therapeutic I think.
Welcome to Mt Timothy
Ski School.


I think Whistler is a “cliche” vacation but one not to be overlooked. Whistler is a popular and easy vacation spot for a many reasons. I think the reasons we like it is proximity (it’s so close we sometimes make a day trip of it), the playground is a huge hit with our kids (and it’s free!), walking around the village is so safe (free from cars) so it’s easy and fun to be outside with the kids. Plus the selection of accommodation and food is sure to have something for everyone. Apres life is huge for us and the whole village always seems so family friendly. We love The Keg with the kids (their kids menu is so good) and last time we had a great meal at Caramba and the kids loved it too!

This year it is on my “wish list” because I love the idea of staying at a hotel so the kids can swim at a pool and they also love staying at hotels. The big attraction for me though is to go and see the Vallea Lumina.

No matter the age, or the weather the kids always love this slide!
Not only is the little playground fun but it is also super cute!
Happy Place.
Apres at Caramba.


We love Tofino… from the moment you drive through the Cathedral Forest you are transported into a very special place. The Clayoquot Sound is pure magic in my opinion and something I think I need to see in every season. Fraser and I went for our “honeymoon” last summer and fell in love with the area. We have meant to take the kids back and just never got around to doing it. I think the hold backs for us are cost (negotiable that you can do it on the cheap, but the struggle is we can’t… #travelingwithprincesses). However knowing we are canceling our winter beach vacation and also knowing we are homeschooling I am hoping we might be able to swing it this year and head to Tofino.

We loved all the beaches and walks, we loved a lot of the food (top mention is breakfast at Wickaninnish) and we took a seaplane over the Sound and it was fairly spectacular. Unfortunately I am not sure if the plane could fit all 5 of us, and if we go during storm season I am not even sure they would be offering it. On my Wishlist is going by sea plane to the hot springs with the kids (although I question how safe and well our kids would do this?). Also on my Wishlist is staying at Pacific Sands in their Edgewater Suite… but that might be pushing it! Definitely we know the kids would love Tofino as much as we do and we hope to take them!

We loved experiencing Tofino from the sky and even saw a whale from above.
I think the kids would love this!
Just a bunch of Newlyweds!
Anything with Beach Access is sure to be a Farlow Family approved Vaycay!
Love the laid back vibe at the restaurants. Nothing is fancy, and all seem kid friendly.
Breakfast is the most important meal (in our house) and for sure I wouldn’t miss doing it up at The Wick. Not only is a beautiful view but the food was phenomenal.

BC is truly Beautiful and has so many amazing places to see… I would love to hear places on your wish list or favourites you have visited! Even better if they are good for families with young kids and accessible in the winter months. For now I will continue to make our family wish list on places to visit this year while we are homeschooling and have some flexibility on travel hoping it continues to stay safe to do it within province.

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