Facing a Friend.

Friendships have always held high value in my life and in our house. Like all things in life they ebb and flow. Sometimes you are there to be a good friend to call and check up on people, drop off special cards or treats, or help out with daily tasks just because someone else could... Continue Reading →

Happy Homeschoolers

Pre Covid and really before our kids were school aged I dreamed of homeschooling but it was always just that, a dream. I thought it was never really an option and then when Rowen was diagnosed I assumed that homeschooling would be impossible. I thought he needed the supports school gave and also valued the... Continue Reading →

Prioritizing Each Other

Lately my kids have been asking if today is our Tea Party Day (Tuesday). This makes me so happy, we borrowed the idea from another local home schooling family and my kids are absolutely in love with it. As I was looking at our silver and china ready for Tuesday it got me thinking. It... Continue Reading →

the “magic” of beginnings.

Over three years ago we started a journey with our family that we could have never imagined. Our son was diagnosed with Autism and we began seeing therapists in Richmond. One of our main therapies was ABA, it was a therapy we were not familiar with and we were struggling to understand. Desperate to get... Continue Reading →

Local Love, Beautiful BC

With Fall and Back to School fast approaching there are parts of me nervous for the winter season... I LOVE sunshine, sand and warm weather. Being outside is easy when it is nice out, and outside makes everyone happier. However we live in a place that is lucky enough to have all four seasons and... Continue Reading →

covid Life Lessons

I think after the months of staying at home, we are beginning to see just how much our family has to be thankful for. My kids are aware of the virus and the changes that are going on but for the most part we have been able to just hang out at home and have... Continue Reading →

It’s a School Night.

Sunday night means school tomorrow.  Obviously not actual school, but when our weekends are finished and we tuck our kids into bed on Sunday nights we always remind them its school tomorrow.  Ever since we have started to do some "school at home" it has allowed us to get into more of a routine and... Continue Reading →

Distance Diaries

Life sure can surprise you when you are least expecting it. This Pandemic has been an eye opener in many areas of our lives, and so I want to share what we have learnt as a family about our lives. Before I share this I think I need to preface it by saying it is... Continue Reading →

“That” Family

I was recently told that I was one of "those" Moms, and we were one of "those" families that look like they have it all together and are doing it all! I was shocked and I guess a little flattered. If you know me, then you know we are not one of "those" families. I... Continue Reading →

A Decade of Lessons.

Time is a crazy thing, I am often unaware of it passing and then its gone. 2020 is fast approaching and with that comes all the excitement and promises of a fresh new year and decade as well as the reviews and playbacks of the past year and decade. I have been thinking lots about... Continue Reading →

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