Reflections from last weekend. 

Last weekend I participated in a really cool workshop called “I am Magnetic” with half of my doTerra Oily Housewives team.  Then we had a lazy family morning, attended a 3 year olds birthday party at a farm and I ended my day with an amazing restorative Yin yoga class.  The whole weekend left me feeling inspired and recharged. 

The workshop was fantastic, I loved the messages from it and left feeling super empowered.  I had no expectations going in (well I was hoping for a fabulous day) but it surpassed what I could have even imagined. 

It was so nice to get out and do something to get my mind working outside of family life. What I loved is learning some new things, not just oil related (but it totally tied in doTerra and I loved it). 

The first speakers were a husband and wife team who spoke about releasing trapped emotions and limiting beliefs, following curiosity, and living in alignment with your flow as well as the art of receiving.  They believe you can change your behaviours and actions through repetition, emotional impact and environment and that your past is what determines your limiting beliefs but that we can release these beliefs. I had heard about energy frequencies and about holding space but they explained it and it totally resignated with me.  They said that essential oils might not have measurable properties in them but that the bodies reaction to oils is measurable and that is how we scientifically know they are working. I particularly loved how they gave an example of how smell can connect you to emotion which is how and why I love using essential oils. In their example they say to remember a drink that maybe when you consume it has a memorable impression… now if you were to smell said beverage right now would you have an emotional or even physical reaction?  (I personally thought of tequila!). I just love this example of the impact smell can have on us and our bodies. Good or bad… It was kinda fun when I got home and saw a little energy test, so I took it and this was my energy:

Strange how true that reading of my energy was.  

Then I came home and our doTerra team is doing a really cool book study in combination with the I Am Fabulous book of Essential Oil Blends, I used my “Face your Fears” blend and started to read the second chapter.  This book is so exactly what I need right now and I love how lately just things are falling into place.  It’s like the world knowss what I need and is providing it in huge ways!

Our lazy Sunday ended off this amazing weekend, it included pancakes and watched Moana from the Teepee with blankets and pillows. Then we went as a family to a local farm (Greystone for those from around here) for a friends 3rd Birthday Party. It was so nice to see a lot of our close friends and some people who I just love to hang out with but never get to see, the best part was not just the friends who were all there but the sisters who hosted us at Greystone (Laura of Equine Essentials and her sister Emily of Schoolhouse Farms were the perfect hostess’).  The kids loved it, our Gracie had her dreams come true of riding a “horsie”, she is obsessed with the show Spirit right now and all the horses.  It was such a great weekend!  I love when I can get a combination of me time, little work, seeing friends and family time… which at our busy household is hard to do!

Would love to hear how you spend your weekends and what makes for a great weekend!

Defining your OIL Type…

Here is a simple guide to see how you want to, or maybe even how you already do, use oils.  

Think about the questions below and see the answers associated with either A, B or C.  You might find you’re a combination and want to use oils a variety of ways (that’s great). Or possibly you use oils for one primary reason (thats great too!).  

Whatever the reason and way you use them remember to enjoy and contact me if you have any questions or want more information!  (You can call or text me at 778-899-9498 or email me at

When you think about essential oils what is the first thought:

A) Good Smells   

B) Healthy Living  

C)  Feelings and Mood

If you think about using essential oils what application do you think of?

A) Aromatic (includes in a diffuser)  

B)  Internally (on tongue, in water or even cooking with them)  

C)  Topically (even on specific areas of the body
Types of Oil Users:

A)  SMELL SO PRETTY, but keep it simple!

You tend to use one or more diffusers in the house and want a single oil (maybe a DoTerra blend) to diffuse. Typically your looking for scents you are drawn to and aren’t really interested in the properties each oil possess but more in what they smell like and how it can be easily used. 


You are someone who has heard from a naturopath or friend about the benefits using essential oils can have on you and you would like to encorporate oils into your healthy lifestyle practices, this may be preventive or to aid in treating conditions.   The smell of certain oils aren’t necessarily your primary concern but more the properties they possess. 

Sample Daily Oil Usage Guide


You want to use your oils for mood enhancers or to help guide you through feelings such as overcoming fears, dealing with loss or even to help energize.  You are interested in using oils for their healing and emotional benefits but also will start to associate smells with certain feelings. 

Sample Oil Usage for Balancing your Chakras:

Self Care


How often do we schedule in time for ourselves?  I know when I most need it is when we are busiest and that is when it is hardest for me to choose myself over all the other things that I need to get done.  However as a family we are working very hard to prioritize self care for all of our family members.  For us the focus has been around diet and exercise.  So it has meant scheduling in each of our activities and even scheduling in grocery shopping and meal prep.  This has been the game changer, if its on the calendar then we somehow manage to book around it!  Fraser and I sit down each week and schedule our workouts, allowing each other time to go out and get that much needed exercise in.  Plus we meal plan, make a grocery list and then grocery shop and meal prep (typically on a Sunday but doesn’t always work that way).  No person or family is perfect but we are trying to find a way to just make this our new normal!  I used to be able to find every excuse but now we just do it and feel so much better… the results have been incredible.  Both of us have found we have more energy, better and more stable moods, more patience with the kids and overall just happier, plus we both have lost weight (Fraser more than I!).

What stops you from making time to be a better version of yourself?  How can you take care of your family and your responsibilities if you are not taking care of yourself!   We all know what we should do and what makes us feel good but knowing and doing are two different things.  I encourage you to see if you can make a date with yourself this week!

What does self care look like to you?  Sometimes we are so out of practice that we make the time and then don’t know what to do with it, or we think every self care activity is expensive and we cannot afford it, this is so not true… here are some of my favourite suggestions.

  • Go for a walk
  • Take a bath
  • Hit up the gym or even the local pool for a swim
  • Clean (I am a little crazy but sometimes cleaning makes me feel so good)
  • Grab a Starbucks and read a Book
  • Mediate or practice yoga (this doesn have to be at an expensive studio, use YouTube or an app)
  • Paint or colour or draw… I am no artist but sometimes just listening to music and painting feels so relaxing.
  • Write or Journal… not sure where to start how about all the things your thankful for, or a bucket list,

Hope some of these ideas inspire you!  Would love to hear from you and the ways you make time for self care!

The Modern Tupperware Saleslady

So for those of you that know me you probably already know that I am a natural sales lady.  I can’t help it, it just is a part of me… I sell people on anything I believe in or love, as long as I think it can truely benefit them.  It has taken me a long time to learn just because I love something does not mean everyone will, and I think this is an amazing trait and is part of what makes me a good salesperson.  For the last 3 years I have been home with my babies, and I love it but when I get a little taste of selling I realize there is a part of me that misses that.  I love selling because I believe whatever I sell helps people and I do not want to sell people something they don’t want.  I feel it is part of the job of a sales person to find out what the customer is looking for and help them find it.  I also miss having my own money and feeling accomplished (because currently my big accomplishment is making sure everyone is fed and clean).  I am fairly motivated, like to have challenges and goals and be constantly learning. My previous job had all of this, and although I no longer want the long hours, or set schedule I am ready for a new challenge that will fulfill me.  Basically that is what got me started selling doTerra.  

I had been invited to a party and had a good friend who had just signed up to be a Wellness Advocate, so despite my hesitancy and normal dislike for any sort of home sales party I went to see what it was about.  I had received a few oils and a diffuser for Mothers Day and was loving having a safe way to scent our house (basically candles have become very dangerous with my pyro group of kids!).  SO, with hesitancy I went to my first Class for doTerra oils.  My girlfriend and her mentor did a good job of talking about the products and I immediately was impressed with their knowledge and the quality of the oils they were selling.  But still a bit of skeptic I ordered a couple of oils and thought I would compare them to what I already had.  Within a couple of days the oils arrived and were amazing, armed with all the information I had learned I began using the oils for a variety of different things and I was comparing to the brand I had bought in a store locally and was shocked at the difference in quality.  Well by this point I was already planning on hosting my own party and it lead me to thinking why host when I could be the salespersons.  So, with a little bit of courage I decided to give it a try.  This is why and how I came to sell doTerra.  

Now my plan with doTerra was to give it a try but have no pressure.  I really was excited about starting a blog and was doing that as a personal project (no financial expectation) and felt like if I could tie the two together it would be fun!  So, with this in mind I have obviously started my blog and also started sharing my love for doTerra.  I am going to continue to use the oils personally but if someone is interested I would love to answer any questions or share any knowledge I have.  I do not want to be the pushy in your face make you uncomfortable sales girl, I will do as I would do with anything I love and talk about it, I will also try to be creative and come up with fun events using the oils.  But when it is all said and done I will just write and share and hope for some the oils will be a way to help be more natural and replace traditional products in your homes with this alternative.  They sure have helped calm, relax and motivate us, as well as help with the kids sleep, anxiety and even with some sickness!  

If your interested in learning more or even hosting a class please contact me at or leave a comment here  you can also check out my doTerra website for more info

Back to School Blends

I have been so busy with back to school and back to schedules and back to routine that I have been a little slow with sharing my oil information with you all! But I will start now, and what better place top start with then some of the oils that are most helpful with our kiddos (and us) and helping ease them into routines!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Essential Oils or specifically doTerra I will just let you know when I recommend oils or how to use them I am referring to doTerra Oils. All brands and oils are made differently and used differently so just be careful and aware of what you are using.  For more info on using Essential Oils click here.

So basically my goal with my kids and school is to make sure they feel good in their bodies and they are well and able to learn.  SO many things affect kids and their learning (environment, learning style, mindset, diet and mood… the list is really endless).  And so many of these things we are able to control or change, some obviously are harder than others but we can adjust the lighting, remove distractions, change foods and diet, add in breaks through out the day and visuals for learning or whatever else might help.  Another way to help with making kids feel good for school is by using oils.  The oils I am going to focus on today will help with 4 main areas

  1. Physical Health (Cold & Flu & Germs)
  2. Anxiety & Mental Well Being
  3. Focus
  4. Strength (Bravery Blends)


First thing that comes to mind when I think feel good is to stay healthy, and we have a few oils that can aid in helping with healthy bodies in kids.

DigestZen:  This is a great one for kids with tummy issues,  just dilute it into a roller ball with fractionated coconut oil and then rub on child’s tummy.  It will help with gas, bloating, digestion.  

On Guard:  This is the oil for school, again you dilute and put it on a rollerball and have your child put it in their sock drawer.  Then before they put their socks on have them roll the bottoms of their feet.  It helps protect against environmental and seasonal threats with a blend of oils known for their positive effects on the immune system. 

Easy Air:  This is a good one for help breathing for any sort of issue (maybe its shortness of breathe from anxiety or maybe its dust in the classroom, exercise, etc). Whatever the reason same application as DigestZen , dilute in a rollerball and then have your child apply to chest.  A really easy way to get them to do this is to say make a heart on your chest with the rollerball!


Another big thing in our house with the kids is Transitioning into preschool. Currently in our world my kids (mainly my son) has had to transition into a more structured day, with time away from mom and dad and siblings and having to be up and out of the house by 9am.  Obviously every family is different and it might be different issues with your little or big kids but they may gave some of the same solutions.  So here are a few helpful oils!


AKA Liquid Calm these two oils are grounding and calming blends.  Balance is a bit of a woodsy smell to it and it works for when you are feeling on a bit of high and need to come back down, Serenity has a floral/ vanilla scent to it and is calming for people, even good to help with sleep.  Serenity has a very gentle aroma and would even be nice put on a piece of diffusing jewelry for a child to have.  (Balance is one of my all time favourites) 


Console has been described as a hug in a jar, but the really cool thing about console is DoTerras team of chemists actually researched how the brain reacts to a hug and tried to find a combination of oils that had the same reaction… so this is as close as you can get to a hug from oils!  It has a floral scent to it and is a blend of many different oils including Frankincense, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Rose and more.  Peace is known to give the immediate calming feeling, literally you just cup it in your hand and breath it in to feel the calm!  These two oils are good for helping with separation anxiety.  (These are on my next personal order for sure, both my older kids have been having serious separation anxiety!)


Exactly how it sounds an invigorating blend of citrus scents with a touch of vanilla. This blend is uplifting and energizing and when combined with Balance it is known as “Monster Juice” used to calm your little monsters.  


These oils can be used to help kids or anyone focus. Sometimes you migh find ADD or ADHD students can find these oils useful in keeping attention.


LEMON: The clean scent of lemon helps to bring you back to focus. So if you find you are easily distracted and your mind wanders this might be a good oil to try!

VETIVER: Earthy and woodsy smell that is also used for anxiety and panic attacks. Vetiver can help stop mind chatter, so if you have brain that just doesn’t stop and its hard to focus because it has so much going on up there try Vetiver!

PEPPERMINT: Smells as you would imagine (almost like a candy cane) and it helps make you more alive, it wakes you up!  This oil can help your brain catch up to your thoughts. 

IN TUNE:  This blend was specifically designed to support focus, one easy way to apply would be on the bottoms of the feet before school or on the back of the neck,  even to have in an inhaler so that your child can smell it whenever they need to throug out the day. 


Who couldnt use a little help with finding strength and bravery in everyday situations, and when your little school projects or difficult situations definitely need you to brave.  A few great oils for this are:

GINGER:  This warming oil is great for empowerment, amazing for self confidence!  Plus if you are anything like me difficult situations can upset the tummy and this oil helps to calm the tummy.

TERRASHIELD:  Interestingly enough is the bug repellent blend but it is also ab ink fir shielding (setting boundaries).  If your kiddos are having issues with dealing with others maybe this would be a good one to help. Think warrior oil!

MOTIVATE:  This citrus and minty blend is made to give you an uplifting push of motivation.  It can help keep the heart open and communication!

Essential Oil Basics (101)

I am new to Essential Oils and new to DoTerra and overwhelmed with all the information out there.  I am enjoying learning all about the oils and how to use them, plus so surprised by some of what I am learning.

First, essential oils are not new!  They have been used by many cultures around the world for centuries.

DoTerra means “Gift of the Earth” and prides itself on being ethically sourced pure oils of high quality.   Each oil that you buy from DoTerra comes with a batch number and can be looked up to see the testing that it underwent before being approved for sale, click here to check it out. They also have expiration dates on the bottom of the oils, but I would be surprised if you don’t run out well before it expires we sure do!

DoTerra oils can be used 3 different ways

AROMATICALY–  through a diffuser or just breathing in the scent

  • Helps to manage mood (can enhance mood, calm, energize, help with anxiety or depression)
  • Eminimates germs in the air (ask me about on Guard)
  • Help to open air passages
  • Makes your house smell great!

TOPICALLY-  meaning on the skin, usually heavily diluted in a carrier oil (see dilution charts below)

  • One drop of oil can service every cell of your body
  • When applied to the bottoms of your feet oil hits the blood stream within 30 seconds (then just cover with socks)
  • When in doubt just apply to your problem area (ex. Tummy issues rub a little Digestzen on your tummy!)

INTERNALLY- specific oils can be taken internally, a drop in your water, in a gel capsule or under the tongue

  • This is great for digestive tract, chronic disease and liver
  • Use only CPTG (the therapeutic Grade oils)
  • NOT suggested for kids

To learn more about how to use the essential oils these ways check out doTerras page.

DoTerra oils are very potent, and for the most part safe for use with kids when heavily diluted.  As a rule of thumb 6 years and under needs very little essential oil to carrier oil ratio.  Childrens skin are thinner and therefore more sensitive, plus we always want to think proportion to body size (the bigger the body the more oil or in this case the smaller the body less oil).  This is a handy chart to help with dilution.

I hope this gives you a little information on Essential OIls and has you interested, I would love to hear from you!  So please CONTACT ME with any questions or thoughts you have about oils.  I would love to host a class for you and your friends so you can get started using these oils with your family and friends!

Back to School Make & Take Workshop

So as some of you already know I am selling Essential Oils and in preparation for this week and back to school a friend and I partnered and hosted our first Make & Take Workshop. It was so easy, you came by and brought your kids, learnt how to use the doTerra pure therapeutic grade essential oils and make anxiety rollerballs, lice spray and hand sanitizer.  It ended up being a beautiful day and the kids were super into making these great products. Hope they got used today!

For those of you who couldn’t make it here are our recipes. 


  • 2 drops tea tree
  • 2 drops of lavender
  • 2 drops of rosemary or peppermint

Place into your spray bottle and when your finished you just fill it up with distilled water. 


  • 1-2 drops balance
  • 1-2 drops Serenity
  • 1-2 drops Lavender 
  • 1-2 drops wild orange, bergamont or citrus bliss (whatever oil child prefers)


  • 2 Drons On Guard
  • Mix half aloe gel and half water

Please contact me if you are interested in any more information or any oils. 


When I grow up I wanna be a _________________

So I have always loved learning and teaching… whenever I thought of what i wanted to do when I grew up I would think of becoming a teacher.  I just loved the school environment, the research, the questions and watching people get inspired and excited.

But I took some different paths, some involved learning and teaching but not in the traditional teacher role.  Some were closely related like studying to become a Special Education Assistant.   And some were unexpected like becoming mom to three little babes, that part was expected, it’s the things they have taught me I didn’t even know I need to learn (like patience, selfishness and unconditional love) that was unexpected. 

I love being mom and teaching and learning from my 3 little crazy kiddos but I still feel like I need something for me.  Moms can you relate?  You become a mom and it involves so many wonderful aspects and new experiences but I feel like I lost a little of me as an individual and in my case gained a whole pack of mini me’s. I guess parts of you live on in your kids and maybe those are the pieces I am missing now.   

Lucky for me doTerra oils entered my life and I have only signed up to sell the oils less than a month ago and I am absolutely in love.  I am in love with the product and using them but more than that I love learning about the company and how they started, how the oils are sourced and extracted and where they come from and finally how they are helping people, some of the testimonials are amazing.  

It’s funny I never thought this would be the thing I needed for me, but it has opened my eyes at taking a few more risks, trying something new and even helped over come some of the anxieties I have developed around social situations since having my kids.  Pre kids I was super social and super confident, post kids I have been humbled and started to doubt myself a little.  It’s so funny the pressures you feel as a parent and how lonely and judgemental parenthood can be.  It definitely was not what I expected.  

I have no pressure to earn a set dollar value from my doTerra business so it really is a nice feeling knowing I can do whatever I want with it. I can use it as a way to meet or attract like minded people, I can even use it as a way to get involved with community events and I can also use it as a way to get social and interact with adults again:). Sounds ridiculous and you shouldn’t need an “excuse” to do these things but this was the push I needed to do all this and more.  Thank you doTerra and the people that come with this amazing business for waking up my passion again!  (If you are interested in joining my team or becoming a builder with doTerra please CONTACT ME). 

I have started to watch information videos and participate in webinars and I cannot believe what I am learning. I am so thankful for today’s technology and how I can use it to learn in my pj’s (or more like my new Paper Label Nicola playsuit), from my bed, with all my kids.  I am having fun and getting inspired all at the same time.  Through this learning I have discovered a little bit about who I want to be when I grow up.

So here is the short list,  when I grow up I wanna be

  • Curious
  • Inspired
  • Brave enough to take risks
  • Strong
  • Interesting
  • Motivated

I hope I am on the right path. What do you want to be?  Are you living your dreams or working towards them?  What stops you or even better what encourages you?

I am living my dreams and more, my tribe encourages me more than they will every know (my family, friends, Fraser, the kids and my readers).   What used to stop me was my own self doubt and negative talk but once I started to believe all the positive and inspiring comments I was getting from my tribe I started to feel more capable of exploring and taking risks. 

Hope this inspires you to take risks and do something for yourself like I did!  With September fast approaching and my calendar filling up I really just wanted to let everyone know why and what I was doing with this doTerra business and also introduce myself.  I will continue to post about the oils and how they can help you in everyday life but if you have any questions or would like a sample of something please please please reach out to me or come by one of my upcoming events:

September 8th I will be participating in Girls Night Out at Emma Lea Farms, come by and try out our Deep Blue Rub to help with any sore or tired muscles before or after Fitness with PJ The Studio’s amazing workout!  Plus I will have a few sprays to cool you down and even some ice cold water for you to try with some of our citrus oils to infuse it. Click her for more information on the event. 

September 9th You can find me at The Ladner Summer Night Market at the Odd Fellows Hall.  Come by and smell some of our oils, enter to win a prize or just come by to chat!

Stay Tuned for more Events later in September.