Meet Carly

Mama X3| Wife| Dreamer| Lover of Beach and Sun| P/T Farmer

This Plain Life is also a life that is busy, loud, messy, chaotic and more and I am so happy that I have a place to share that with you!  Despite all the mess and chaos I would have my life no other way. I hope you find my writing relatable, funny and maybe even helpful or at least real.

As for my personality and who I am, the best way to learn about me is to learn the things I value my most.  So here it goes, my values are:

MY TRIBE| AKA my people, you know who you are. The family and friends I surround myself with who truly mean more to me than anything else.

FUN| If it isn’t fun then why are you doing it? I know you are probably thinking “Carly it can’t all be fun”, but what if it could? I like to think you can make just about anything worthwhile fun;) Watch me try.

INSPIRATION & GROWTH| I like to surround myself with people and things that inspire or encourage growth. I never want to get stale and truthfully what could be more inspiring or allow for more growth than raising three kids, LOL!

BALANCE| This will always be my biggest challenge and my hardest goal! How do you balance love, kids, work, reality, dreams, sleep, food, chores…. it overwhelms me just thinking about it. I admire those who have found their balance and strive to find the right balance for me and my family.

Hope this gives you a little as to what I am like.  Happy Reading,

Xo Carly

2 thoughts on “Meet Carly

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