Raising the Patient Parent.

Just over three years ago we had just become parents for the very first time. November 21st is not just our sons birthday but its an anniversary of the day our lives changed in the most amazing and unforgettably life altering way.

Here is the thing, previous to our babies we had jobs, disposable income, uninterrupted sleep, proper personal hygiene, hobbies, friends and more. But despite our best efforts we were selfish, judgmental and rigid people. Nothing has the ability to effect you like a baby. No amount of online research, parenting books and babysitting can prepare you for the rollercoaster of emotions that parenting is.

Sometimes (or a lot of the time) Fraser and I joke about not having kids or at least getting rid of a couple of them. But most of the time, when we are at home and everyone is finally asleep or when we see one of them do something amazing for the first time or maybe they are just being funny and say the right things at the right time we have a moment where we look at each other and feel more love than you can ever even imagine you deserve or will know. That is why we would never change it and we accept the bad with all the good and we change a million diapers and we are never rested and we leave our house in a constant state of disaster… the list is endless! We absolutely are thankful for these little people and all that they have taught us and continue to teach us.

Here is the thing I have learnt in these short 3 years as being a parent. A lot can change in 3 years. You have no idea what you are about to learn pre-kids. Babies and kids are the best teachers you will ever meet, stay open to it and these little ones might actually be more of a role model and mentor than anyone else in your life will ever be. We think we are here to teach and raise our kids but I actually think its the opposite. The young are here to teach and raise the old. Our selfish, judgemental and rigid ways have slowly over time evolved into selfless, empathetic and flexible ways. We are forever learning and forever tested.

One of my favourite moments is listening or watching Fraser deal with Rowen (usually during a distressing moment). Sometimes its because the yogurt is in the wrong bowl, the lego broke and he cant get it back together just right or whatever and these are moments PK (Pre kids) Fraser would have been frustrated but to listen to this super laid back, totally in control Papa just deal with these moments like a pro! Makes this mamas heart flutter. Because in these moments I know we are both growing from all the lessons these kids are teaching us.

We celebrated Rowens birthday with as much of his favourite stuff as we could, this year was evident how much Rowen has taught me because despite my inner party planner I went with stuff I knew the birthday boy would enjoy and resisted my planning temptations. SO instead of an over the top celebration we had a day of friends, family, fries, pizza, donuts and even Nans house! He was so excited… it was a perfect day! He took Delta Bakery donut holes to school, met up with a few friends and cousins for a McDonalds Birthday Party (***Best cheapest easiest thing ever) and then off for more presents and cake at Nans house!

Now, on to Graces Birthday… we are doing a birthday breakfast at home! I am trying to convince the family we should do matching PJ’s but so far I am loosing:( I guess you gotta pick your battles!

What do you do for your kids birthdays? Any favourite traditions you have? Do you get sad around children’s birthdays, or use it as a time to reflect? I am thinking about celebrating half birthday instead (easier for party planning and helps to spread out gifts and not do soooo much around Christmas), anyone do this?

3 Fast Years.

When I was pregnant with Rowen Fraser and I would imagine all the possabilities for our first child… Would he or she be confident, social, shy or independent?  We envisioned a child with all sorts of wonderful characteristics, all the best traits and lots of friends and accomplishments. What we didn’t discuss or envision was this child’s struggles or the obstacles they would have to overcome.

I have been worried about our oldest, Rowen, since before he was born (I guess that is what parents do).  Being our first baby every milestone mark comes and you worry.  “Did he get his teeth in the right order, at the right age, can he walk? Does he sleep through the night?  Is he taking a bottle, he’s too old and we need to wean him.”  These are just some of the many thoughts I would over analyze about with Rowen.

Lately the concerns have been hard to explain or list but I was worried that he wasn’t developing as he should!  Then we got a call to come in and meet with the teachers, they had noticed a lot of the same things I have noticed and were impressed by how on top of it I was. Obviously its nice to know you haven’t been over reacting and that you were right to trust your mama bear instinct but it’s also a little upsetting to hear your child isn’t developing typically or that he is already facing more struggles than the average two year old.

I had a friend point out the everyone will struggle or have troubles at one time or another so it isn’t if it’s when? And the sooner it happens the better prepared and equipped you are to deal with life. I love this and totally agree with it. So I am looking at this latest hurdle as an opportunity for growth for myself as a parent and for Rowen as a person, learning skills that will help him through his life.

Funny thing about parenting is, it is nothing like what you expect it to be and it is so hard (and rewarding and amazing).   I think we glamorize parenthood (especially the newborn stage) to be magical and natural.  When in reality parenting is so much more than that… it is challenging, exhausting, trying and so very emotional.

I had images of what my children would be like, personalities, looks and even how they would dress, like a lot of people we said “our children will never do that” or “we will raise them differently”. Before becoming parents we knew it all, now that we have children we know nothing!

My kids refuse to wear the clothes I pick out (a lot of the time they refuse to wear clothes at all), my almost three year old is not even potty trained yet, we co-sleep the majority of the time, we have an iPad for every child and we avoid taking our kids to restaurants (something I swore my kids would do and do well).   Nothing is how I thought it would be. Sometimes I am frustrated that the kids that I have aren’t the kids that I imagined but then I realize they are so much more!

We are just learning as we go with this parenting thing, and really try to make the best decisions we can make. Sometimes we get it wrong and often we are so happy we had three kids , hopefully we get it right for Eleanor! LOL:). Just kidding we hope all three kids turn out okay.

It has been and continues to be a learning curve. Tomorrow I will take Rowen to the paediatrician and start the process of hopefully getting some developmental assessments done. This is good, this is progress and hopeful will give us some tools as to how we can best help Row to succeed.

Next week my oldest and first baby turns 3, and I am not sure how I feel. I remember finding out I was pregnant, going 2 weeks overdue. I remember having an emergency c-section and being up with him through those first few months where everything is new to all of us and we didn’t want to let him cry ever. We have learnt that sometimes he will cry and we can’t prevent it but that’s okay. And that everything with Rowen is new to all of us and that whatever we do it is with the best intentions. Most importantly we celebrate him and who he is and all the things that we love about him.

Next week we will celebrate his birthday his style, at McDonalds with a few friends and cousins (he doesn’t like loud or big groups), he loves French fries and donuts so I will order him a donut cake. Then for dinner we will go to Nans house (as per his request) and have Boston Pizza (his other favourite food besides fries, must be Boston Pizza or Niagara, nothing else compares for him) and then Nan will have a cake she made for him!

I love Birthdays and like to go crazy with parties but I know that isn’t what Rowen would enjoy so this year it was all about him and what he would pick (plus Grace’s birthday is less than a month away so I can always go wild there).

These three kids are by far Fraser and I’s most challenging job/responsibility and greatest achievement. We cant imagine a life without them and are truly trying to live in the moment and enjoy them while they are little because they are growing so fast!

How did your kids surprise you and change you? Can you remember the days before kids (we often try and it seems so long ago)? Was parenting what you expected? I would love to hear what you think about parenting and life with kids…

Check In… Who or why am I doing this for?

Every once and a while I need to check in and remind myself the reasons I am doing certain things… 

Today has been one of those days!  Wednesdays are usually a pretty good day as the kids have swimming lessons!  

We decided to splurge this season and try out Swim Clo. lessons for the kids.  I was excited about the lessons and have been wanting to try them for awhile (watch their promo video and you will see why), but it took a while to commit mainly because of the price.  However, after having 3 kids under 3 and realizing what a fiasco trying to go to the pool with only 2 parents and 3 very little ones was we decided they were worth the price just for convenience.  

All of our kids are still only eligible for parented classes with the Leisure Center and we just couldn’t make that work.  Of course I have had a few interesting responses from people when I tell them about the lessons, a few eye rolls or even comments like “Are you trying to create the next Micheal Phelps, they are only 1&2”.  I know how young my kids are and I know why we are doing it. Maybe a part of me hopes they excel and break records and swim laps but the realist in me just likes the half an hour break I get where my kids are usually happily swimming and I get to a chance to breathe!  Lets be honest my kids aren’t even close to swimming laps, we are happy if they get wet!  
Today I needed a good reminder of why and who I am doing the lessons for, before we even got to the pool it was a bit of chaos as the rain was terrible and no one wanted to get into the car.  Then we realized I didn’t have all the car seats in my car so Fraser had to go move the seats from his truck, meanwhile Grace took off outside (I thought Frase had her, he thought I had her). I was too busy trying to force Rowen to wear shoes and a shirt… just the usual chaos!

Fast forward to the pool, we arrive and of course they have some event going on and there is no parking.  When we finally get all settled and get up to the pool, the kids decide Grace is going first so she goes and I start to get Rowen ready. Picture this crazy kid hopping around the change rooms stripping down the few clothes he was willing to put on. Before he gets too carried away I can smell it, the kid took a huge S#@t!  Oh and of course it is the one time I forgot the wipes!!!  So I quickly and frantically try to clean him up.  Well we get all cleaned up and he has on swim diaper and swimsuit and I can still smell it… he took another poop!  Are you kidding me and now I am worried Grace and the instructor will be here soon… so we change the second diaper as fast as I can hoping Grace is still swimming.  Good news is we survived. Grace came in and Rowen happily finished another great lesson.  And that is why I do this… to see my confident and adorable son watching with pride while his sister swims and asking “Mom, is it my turn yet?”  

So to recap, 25 diaper changes (6 S#$tty diapers) later and I have made it to bedtime!  Kids are clean, happy, healthy and alive, sleeping (most in the same bed, but I don’t care as long as they are sleeping!). We even got a load of laundry and some clean up done today, made a nice dinner and 2 out of 3 kids bathed.   I’m taking successes where I can and calling it a good day!

Traveling with Toddlers

Well last year we decided to take our first flying family vacation.  Honestly I was 7 months pregnant and we were halfway through a pretty massive reno and I didn’t know how easy it would be to travel with 3 kiddos the following year so I thought we should take advantage of the 1:1 Ratio and hit up Hawaii for 10 days.  I am so happy we did!  As nervous as I was to take two little people (Rowen had just turned 2 and Grace had just turned 1) I soon realized there was not much to be nervous about. The first thing that made me feel better was when the stuardist announced at the beginning of our flight there were 11 lap passengers (children under 2) flying that flight (and even more kids over two).  It was a great way to make you feel better about worrying if your kid was the loudest. The flight was packed with families like ours and the kids were all sorts (some sleeping, some crying, some wild, some sedatated… or I mean calm). 
Anyways these were our tips that we learnt from flying with so many families, keep in mind we have only flown with the kids once and it was just to Hawaii… always open to what hearing what worked for other families or from someone who has traveled lots with their kids. This is what we found worked for us. 

–  Rent an IPad for your kids, my baby daddy had an impulsive shop the night before we left and decided to go out and buy our son a new iPad (talk about an expensive London Drugs shop).  In future we will not be buying each child an iPad but for $10 or so dollars we would happily rent them for the flight. If you are taking your own make sure to download your airlines app so you can access all the shows you want!  

–  Pack Snacks we weren’t totally sure what was acceptable for bringing through security and what was not, so I feel like we didn’t bring much and then realized we should have. A couple rows in front of us a huge family was traveling and the Grandma showed up with Bento style boxes of packed snacks for the grandkids that were amazing!  I will definitely do this for the kids next time. 

–  Layer Up with an extra pair of socks or maybe slippers and their favourite blanket. My son was pretty good and quickly fell asleep but my daughter couldn’t get comfy (on my 7 month prego belly). I think if we had had her blanket to comfort her it would have been a bit better. Plus planes are either really cold or stuffy so good to be prepared for either extreme. 

–  Bring Grandparents or better yet convince them to bring you:) (Mom this ones for you), lol!  Okay maybe not realistic for everyone but honestly I swear we were the only family traveling immediate family only. I couldn’t believe all the grandparents helping out. Better yet was the couple in front of us with their nanny. Bring your sitter… what baby sitter or nanny doesn’t want to come to a tropical paradise with your amazing family???

I think just remember everyone knows what to expect on a flight and if you are flying to a popular family vacation spot even better because you will most definitely not be the only family on the plane.  I sat with Grace on my lap and I was beside an older couple. They were on there way to Maui for vacation and were so helpful and understanding with Grace it was amazing. I ended up hearing all about their grandchildren and how much they could relate to our little Gracie!  Most people get it, we are all human and flying is hard on anyone, especially the tiny ones. 


I also have a few tips for traveling with children (not just the flight).  We were so worried about how full our hands were that we took the attitude of anything we need we can buy or rent in Hawaii. In theory this is a great attitude and totally true. However, in reality this is a fairly expensive way to travel and although it seemed the easiest I am feeling more confident this year and we are going to try to bring a lot more from home this time. Plus the fact that we are booked for triple the time we were last year our rentals would really add up. That being said depending on the length of your trip you may want to just rent or you may want to bring from home. We really felt that 10 days just wasn’t long enough. It is a lot of work to pack kids for a trip and 10 days just starts to get into routines and let kids get settled. This year I will be able to tell you how a month in Maui feels!  


So, my first piece of advice is go for as long as you can (and this doesn’t just apply to Maui or a flying holiday we take this piece of advice for road trips too!).  Mainly you put so much time and effort in preparing for a trip make it worth your while!  Plus it eliminates the rushed feeling of needing to get so much in, if one day your kids don’t feel like being in the sun or going to the beach, not a big deal hit up the aquarium and know there is always tomorrow. If your trip is shorter you feel pressure to enjoy every minute, at least I do.  


For a quick trip, 10 days or under I definitely suggest renting car seats (we just got them from the car rental company) as well as sand toys, strollers, play pens and toddler beds, a beach wagon, umbrella and even cooler and chairs could all be rented from Maui Baby Rentals. It was fairly affordable and super conveneient.  If you aren’t traveling to Hawaii I am sure whatever city you are going to would offer a similar service. Or even if you are staying at a Hotel I would imagine most major hotels would offer rental services for all things baby. 


That being said this year we are going to attempt to bring the car seats on the plane and have the kids sit in them (I am really not sure how this is going to go down but the car seat rentals are soooo expensive that we thought we would give this a try). We are also going to bring both our double and single Mountain Buggy Stroller. Last year we brought umbrella strollers thinking we would barely use it and they were light and compact and we were very surprised by how many large strollers people brought and how much we missed ours in Hawaii whenever we went for a walk. 


I think that the pros so outweigh the cons when it comes to traveling with your kids. For us the moment the kids saw the beach and their little feet ran for that sand, the flight was totally worth it!  We don’t “drug” our kids but it is not because I am against it we just haven’t really found we need to and also don’t know a drug that would knock them out. LOL!  But in all seriousness my kids don’t seem to get drowsy from children’s drugs and seem like pretty good travelers in the car or plane.  We do however let them have a good play before we board the plane.  Most airports have some sort of play area or even a nice open space where you could let them shake their sillies out and run around. 

Would love to hear from other parents and what worked for them when traveling with their little ones, or even favourite destinations. We love Maui and found it super family friendly. But can’t wait for our kids to get a bit older and may be we can venture a bit further. For now that 6 hour flight is our magic number…  what was easiest for you?  Do you have a favourite flight (we had avoided a red eye but I heard other families like them)?  Hope you found some of the tips helpful and are busy planning your next vacation.  

Check back for my next post with our favourite things in Maui and recommendations, dos and don’ts, etc!!!

How I Made My Own Triplets, surviving 3 under 3

So, I should probably start with I was once married… and not to my babies’ daddy.  Basically I was always a bit of an old soul, not your typical teenager.  Fairly serious and not into the usual things someone of my age was, so naturally I dated older (and when I say older I mean 10 years older).  At 17 years old, a 10 year age difference is a lot in terms of life experience and overall maturity.  But in true teenage fashion I didn’t listen to anyone’s advice and dated a man 10 years older.  

At the time we were very good friends and what was exciting for both of us became easy and comfortable, as many relationships do.  We supported each other through losses, career changes, schooling and more.  But basically fell out of love and into routine and expectation.  I honestly look back at 20 year old me and can say you do some serious growing and eye opening in your 20’s.  My ex had already done all that (he was 27 when we met and 38 when we split) and was the same person I met at 17, when I left him at 29.  

I however had made serious changes, I had become more understanding, less judgemental, more fun, less of a perfectionist, and basically just more confident in my skin.  I knew what I wanted and what I didn’t want, at 17 you just think you know.  Sometime around the loss of my aunt and getting close to the end of my 20’s I realized life is too short and we both deserved to be truely happy.  So after 10 years together and 3 years of marriage I left my very comfortable life, moved back in to my childhood home with my sister and her boyfriend and decided to create a life I loved and deserved!  This is definitely a story or stories for a later blog post but I thought it important for you to have a bit of background.  

Now in all my 10 years with my ex-husband, you can ask anyone who knows me, I was fairly certain I didn’t want kids!   It’s funny to me now because what I realize is I didn’t want kids with him.  He now has a child of his own and I have 3 of my own, and I am sure he is a wonderful parent but I don’t think we would have complimented each other’s styles in raising kids.
So, fast forward a few years and here I am (Approx 5 years post divorce), in a new relationship with a man I truely love and admire, with 3 kids all under the age of 3 and a young pup!  We are busy to say the least, maybe a little tired and mostly just happy!   To say I created a life I wanted is an understatement.  To think in 5 short years my life could change so drastically is insane!  

I left my husband and decided to live a little, the way I never did in my teenage years or even in my early 20’s.  So uptight Carly became Bad Carly (as my brother in law likes to say BC).  I didn’t do anything that bad but maybe had a little too much fun.  I bought myself a motorcycle (Harley of course) and learnt to ride, I danced on the table at the legion after way too many shots of tequila and somehow managed to not get kicked out (please don’t tell my Grandparents they would disown me), I worked on a farm (and drove a tractor… just a little one!), I reconnected with friends I had lost touch with and I had fun!  Most importantly I learnt what I wanted from my life. 

I decided I wanted someone who made me laugh, and take life a little less seriously but appreciated life.   I decided I wanted kids (probably 3, seeing as I was one of 3 girls and what could be better than that?).  I also decided I wanted to surround myself with people who inspired me, who were happy and thoughtful and good, whether that was family or friends it didn’t matter.  And I did all of this.  

I met Fraser and we rode together and had fun!  He was not what I imagined I would want or love in a partner and he was perfect for me.  He was a little rough around the edges, wore only black T’s from the Harley store, was a longshoremen, was single at 32 (must mean there is something wrong with him right???),  and the best part was he was from Ladner and knew all the same people I knew, he actually was friends with my uncle and sisters!  So, we gave it a go… it took some convincing, he was stubborn and didn’t like labels or to commit.  But obviously I was the best thing that had ever happened to him and he was lucky to have found me;)  We didn’t waste much time, had a little fun but knew we both wanted a family and both wanted to be together.  The thing for me about dating in my 30’s and knowing what I wanted is I knew I didn’t want casual and I didn’t want to waste anymore time.  Fraser is a bit of procrastinator and likes to think about stuff forever, but I think together we compliment and balance each other out.  SO, we decided to go for it and very quickly we had 3 kids!   

We had discussed starting to try and start a family in March of 2014 and little did we know we were pregnant in February.  Then after having our first baby we knew we wanted more than one child and Fraser didn’t seem to care how close together the kids were but he knew I loved how close in age I was to my sisters and I wanted our kids to have the same experience and be close.  This lead to us finding out we were expecting again just 3 short months after we had our first baby, Rowen.  As crazy as this was on my emotions and body, I wouldn’t change it for the world.  It was exhausting having one baby why not try two?  Plus boys develop differently than girls and often now I find our son Rowen (oldest child) and our daughter Grace (middle child) are learning and doing similar stuff as they are just 13 months apart.  

Our last baby was a bit harder for us to decide to try for, life with two babies and in a small space (we lived in our basement suite and rented out our top floor) was busy and crowded but I also knew if I waited I would be hesitant to want to go through anther pregnancy and another newborn stage.  I am someone who likes to purge often (like how do people hold on to all their baby stuff for each child?) and even replace if it has been too long.  So in my logical mind we had all the stuff we should just get her done!  Plus I had always said I wanted 3 kids under 3, and time was a ticking.  Once we decided to try we didn’t even have to think about it we were pregnant again.  Seriously insane and I do feel so extremely blessed knowing that so many families struggle to conceive.  Knowing how difficult many families have it made my family feel even more meant to be!  So in March 2017 we welcomed our last baby Eleanor into this world and were the proud parents of 3 beautiful babies.  Some days feel insane, our kids are very young and still do not listen well, aren’t able to communicate with words well yet, definitely love each other and want to be helpful but are still learning how and what that looks like.  So while I see lots of families who have 3 or more kids, they often have a couple years between each and are able to ask the older one for help or even just to stay still or have a little patience.  We do not have that luxury.  We have three kids who fight for attention and do not understand patience, we have three kids who have diapers and need us.  Some days are hard and we are spread thin.  There are only two parents and three babes.  But most days we are too scattered to remember how trying it was and just look at their dirty sleeping faces and know it was worth it and in a blink of an eye it will be over, they will be grown and we will not be needed like this and we won’t remember the diaper blow outs, spit up in my hair and all over my clothes, crying and screaming and teething and biting.  So, we are trying to survive each day but also enjoy the good moments, find humor in the craziness and really just love the kids we have.  It isn’t hard to do because we have some of the best kids around (okay I may be biased but I only surround myself with the best people, my own kids included).   I think each family is unique and has it’s own set of challenges and perks.  I would say the perk to our family dynamics is we hope our kids will grow up as friends, the challenge is we might be stretched a little thin some days but we know that in the end it is so worth it.  

I love this life Fraser and I created, we have worked hard and continue to work hard everyday. It is not perfect, the kids cry  and are dirty, we are tired and our house is often messier than I would like, our bank account is going in the opposite direction than it used to go… and is smaller than we would like it to be:(  But we know that at the end of the day our hearts are so incredibly full, we are sharing moments with our kids that not everyone has the luxury of sharing, we are spending money creating memories and experiences that will hopefully mold our kids into amazing adults.  Our time here is short and we don’t know how long it will be so we don’t want to waste it angry, stressed or doing things we don’t like or want to do (obviously within reason, I still do the dishes, and we still pay our mortgage).  We however have found careers we love, spend our downtime doing things we love and surround ourself with people we love.  We also know we want to lead by example  and show our kids how to be kind, happy and contribute in some way.   These are a few of the ways we are surviving our self made triplets!  

Back to routine week…

Big week at our house… our oldest started his first year of preschool!  Now we are a family that doesn’t do well with routine, often don’t even know what day of the week it is and definitely don’t follow a “structure”. School although fun (mainly because it means a little shopping to prepare) is a bit daunting for all of us.  My son is shy, and although he loves to play he gets overwhelmed in social settings and is a bit of a homebody, my middle daughter has gone from being super independent to having big separation anxiety from mama!  And really to top it all off we rarely get organized enough to be out of the house by say 10ish and are a family of morning sleepy heads.

So, first week so far:  Tuesday was a full day of preschool for Rowen (2.5 hours) and it actually could not have gone any better.  We had not prepared with groceries so I threw whatever peanut free and healthy snacks I had together for him for school and got in to the car to find the tank on empty and no number of KM’s flashing (which is the start of an empty tank and usually means I can push it another 50-75km’s), but it was just the three little dots signalling it was beyond empty!  And we were already running behind… oh plus my super cute Mabel’s Labels I had ordered for all his school stuff had not arrived yet so I had nothing ready to go! #1 MOM, off to a great start!

However we made it to school without running out of gas only to find we were the first ones there (shocking) and no one had all the supplies organized so we fit right in!  Rowen wouldn’t sit still long enough for a great picture but he was willing to wear clothes and shoes (which in our world is huge!).   I did find out later he attempted to take off his shoes about 5 times (or more) through out the day at school, but he came home with them on so I will take the wins where I can. I took him in and helped him unpack only to look back and see him with his cousin happily building blocks. My mom heart could not be happier. He had his friend and his toys and was so happy he didn’t even notice me.

We all want to be wanted, but at the end of the day our goal is to raise an independent adult and him being able to find his friends, sit and entertain and interact is all a part of this growing up into an independent adult. So as bittersweet as it was to see him so well adjusted I was so proud!  Tomorrow is the second day and now that he knows I leave I am not sure how he will react but I gotta say this routine stuff seems to be suiting his almost three year old mature self. He is doing stuff just a couple of months ago I couldn’t imagine him doing. Plus my labels came, I have all his supplies ready and his snacks are packed. We are already past the halfway mark of the week and we have survivied so far!

As for poor Grace, she loved preschool!   It meant Rowen was gone and she could steal his undies and wear them (strange pleasures), and she had free run of the TV choices, toys and fort building!   The girl was so happy, she had mom and dad almost all to herself (lets not forget about Eleanor).  I thought she would be sad but she was just excited and happy to see her brother when he got home (I am sure the donut he brought her had nothing to do with it).

Today was their first swim lessons, now both kids have had two sets of leisure center parented lessons but since we have three kids under three we decided the parented lessons were a bit much for us so we wanted to try a private unparented lesson (plus we are hoping to be in Maui for a month to start of 2018 and might as well get the kids prepped for fun in the water!).  I had Rowen go in first and he was so excited he could barely contain himself, Coach J was amazing and so great with Rowen I left so confident and excited.  Also feeling okay about the millions (not actually but close to) we had spent on these lessons!  Then it was Graces turn, when Rowen saw us come to get him he started crying and then it might have set off Grace, the switch of kids for lessons did not go as great as I had planned. Rowen quickly recovered and came very happily with me to get dried and dressed but I of course could hear my little Gracie’s cries from the change room. The lessons are only half an hour so we walked outside and came back to pick up Grace. She was fairly worked up. I did sneak a little peak in the pool and she wasn’t doing anything scary or unusual in the pool.  I think her little separation anxiety got the worst of her, poor babes.  Coach J said it is common and only takes a couple lessons before she learns that Mom didn’t leave and is coming back.  By the time we got to the car she had settled and all of the family was happy again…  hump day is over and we are on our way to the weekend, thank god.

I am not sure who this week has been hardest on, new routines and changes are always a bit of an adjustment!  I am happy to say I have already made it to the gym twice this week and have two more classes to go, so that is another win. Just trying to focus on one day at a time and not get too far ahead of ourselves here… when did life get so busy?  Not even fall yet and I am already wishing it was summer again.  Hope your week has gone well, would love to hear how your family copes with changes and routines!