Another Year Older.

I was always told life goes faster the older you get but when I was younger I would always wish to be older... when can I be 16 and drive, when can I be 19 and legal, when will I grow up and own a home, have a career, be comfortable financially (still look forward... Continue Reading →

Raising the Patient Parent.

Just over three years ago we had just become parents for the very first time. November 21st is not just our sons birthday but its an anniversary of the day our lives changed in the most amazing and unforgettably life altering way. Here is the thing, previous to our babies we had jobs, disposable income,... Continue Reading →

Beginning of a new Decade…

´╗┐First I need to say HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to my youngest sister KP!  Now I couldn't think of a better way to wish her Happy Birthday than to write about it on the blog, my sister may not agree but I hope she likes it (better to beg forgiveness than to ask ´╗┐for permission)!  ... Continue Reading →

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