Christmas Market at The Farm

I am so excited to be spear heading a Christmas Market at my good friends family farm Emma Lea!

It all started as a relatively simple plan, lets try and host a little market as a way to share our oils with friends and family.  I was unaware of how easily this “little” market would turn in to a fun event that is not only inspiring me to step out of my comfort zone and try some new things but also helping me to encourage friends to take that same brave step and start to share some of their talents with others!  This is how Christmas at the Farm started.

The coolest thing has happened in planning this event, it has encouraged a few people I love to start taking action with plans at trying their hands at sharing some of their talents.  Some of these NEW businesses include Heather and Christie of Farmouse Floral & Gifts (check them out on Instagram for more pictures and details) and Carlyn & Brixton of  Koloheboardriders (also found on instagram) who not only are starting a new businesss but also making an effort to do their part at ocean conservation!  I couldn’t be more proud of the people that are taking part in our market.   Check back soon for a full list of our Vendors!  I am so excited to share these amazing people and products with you.

This is definitely become a little bigger than I first imagined, but if our biggest worry is that it has had too much interest than I think we are a more than a little blessed!  All that aside, please be patient with us as we host our first event, we strive to make it a fun and happy market. However we know that with most new things at first there is a learning curve and we are just new to this Market game:). If it takes me a bit to get back to your emails or interest its not because I am not interested or excited!  We will definitely be looking at a way to learn for next year and will have a streamlined application process for potential vendors

I cannot wait to share some of the really talented people and things we have planned for this family friendly great event!  Make sure you are following us on Instagram (marketatthefarm).

For now I will give you a little sneak peak of some of the goodies This Plain Life is working on, might I add it has been a whole family affair and I think everyone is love it it.  Grandpa W  and Nan came home from their property in 100 Mile with lots of Birch and fun pieces fo wood, they took their job very seriously and we are so glad!  Then Fraser along with Rowen have been very busy in the workshop creating, cutting, hammering, and all sorts of stuff!  Grace and Eleanor have been good for noisy distractions (which are important too!).  I am obviously CEO of this family and company, haven’t stopped promoting and interesting (POOR FRASE)… hope you enjoy the pics!