Self Care


How often do we schedule in time for ourselves?  I know when I most need it is when we are busiest and that is when it is hardest for me to choose myself over all the other things that I need to get done.  However as a family we are working very hard to prioritize self care for all of our family members.  For us the focus has been around diet and exercise.  So it has meant scheduling in each of our activities and even scheduling in grocery shopping and meal prep.  This has been the game changer, if its on the calendar then we somehow manage to book around it!  Fraser and I sit down each week and schedule our workouts, allowing each other time to go out and get that much needed exercise in.  Plus we meal plan, make a grocery list and then grocery shop and meal prep (typically on a Sunday but doesn’t always work that way).  No person or family is perfect but we are trying to find a way to just make this our new normal!  I used to be able to find every excuse but now we just do it and feel so much better… the results have been incredible.  Both of us have found we have more energy, better and more stable moods, more patience with the kids and overall just happier, plus we both have lost weight (Fraser more than I!).

What stops you from making time to be a better version of yourself?  How can you take care of your family and your responsibilities if you are not taking care of yourself!   We all know what we should do and what makes us feel good but knowing and doing are two different things.  I encourage you to see if you can make a date with yourself this week!

What does self care look like to you?  Sometimes we are so out of practice that we make the time and then don’t know what to do with it, or we think every self care activity is expensive and we cannot afford it, this is so not true… here are some of my favourite suggestions.

  • Go for a walk
  • Take a bath
  • Hit up the gym or even the local pool for a swim
  • Clean (I am a little crazy but sometimes cleaning makes me feel so good)
  • Grab a Starbucks and read a Book
  • Mediate or practice yoga (this doesn have to be at an expensive studio, use YouTube or an app)
  • Paint or colour or draw… I am no artist but sometimes just listening to music and painting feels so relaxing.
  • Write or Journal… not sure where to start how about all the things your thankful for, or a bucket list,

Hope some of these ideas inspire you!  Would love to hear from you and the ways you make time for self care!

Essential Oil Basics (101)

I am new to Essential Oils and new to DoTerra and overwhelmed with all the information out there.  I am enjoying learning all about the oils and how to use them, plus so surprised by some of what I am learning.

First, essential oils are not new!  They have been used by many cultures around the world for centuries.

DoTerra means “Gift of the Earth” and prides itself on being ethically sourced pure oils of high quality.   Each oil that you buy from DoTerra comes with a batch number and can be looked up to see the testing that it underwent before being approved for sale, click here to check it out. They also have expiration dates on the bottom of the oils, but I would be surprised if you don’t run out well before it expires we sure do!

DoTerra oils can be used 3 different ways

AROMATICALY–  through a diffuser or just breathing in the scent

  • Helps to manage mood (can enhance mood, calm, energize, help with anxiety or depression)
  • Eminimates germs in the air (ask me about on Guard)
  • Help to open air passages
  • Makes your house smell great!

TOPICALLY-  meaning on the skin, usually heavily diluted in a carrier oil (see dilution charts below)

  • One drop of oil can service every cell of your body
  • When applied to the bottoms of your feet oil hits the blood stream within 30 seconds (then just cover with socks)
  • When in doubt just apply to your problem area (ex. Tummy issues rub a little Digestzen on your tummy!)

INTERNALLY- specific oils can be taken internally, a drop in your water, in a gel capsule or under the tongue

  • This is great for digestive tract, chronic disease and liver
  • Use only CPTG (the therapeutic Grade oils)
  • NOT suggested for kids

To learn more about how to use the essential oils these ways check out doTerras page.

DoTerra oils are very potent, and for the most part safe for use with kids when heavily diluted.  As a rule of thumb 6 years and under needs very little essential oil to carrier oil ratio.  Childrens skin are thinner and therefore more sensitive, plus we always want to think proportion to body size (the bigger the body the more oil or in this case the smaller the body less oil).  This is a handy chart to help with dilution.

I hope this gives you a little information on Essential OIls and has you interested, I would love to hear from you!  So please CONTACT ME with any questions or thoughts you have about oils.  I would love to host a class for you and your friends so you can get started using these oils with your family and friends!