In My Spare Time

I sometimes think about when I had time and read a lot, I especially think about it when I am packing for vacation.  Pre-kids I couldn’t pack enough books.  I loved to just sit in the sun, relax and read.  I now know that with 3 very little ones reading is a luxury and it takes a lot longer than it used to get through a book.  So, a few things help me to still find time to read.  

One is I read a lot of cookbooks, they require a lot less time and can be skimmed through.  Best of all they usually have lots of pictures.  Not only are they less of a time commitment but they serve an additional purpose of providing inspiration and ideas for my meal planning!   The best part of course is that they look super pretty in my new kitchen. 

My top 3 Cookbooks right now are Oh She Glows Every Day!  The School Year Survival Cookbook and It all Begins With Food.  My passion for cookbooks and cooking in general is relatively new and the reason these books are my top three is because they are easy recipes, simple ingredients and not super involved.  We have taken out refined sugars and any packaged foods (at least when we are eating at home, trying to follow the 80/20 rule) so it is important to me that the recipes follow our way of eating.  These cookbooks are great for it.  They also have some great information and advice.  They explain ingredients, give tips and advice on kitchen gadgets and such and also help with meal planning and even how to use leftovers!  

As for novels since having kids I definitely read more self help and inspirational books now, before I loved a good fiction novel… I must feel I need a little more guidance these days. The top three books I like right now are Like A Queen, Simplicity Parenting and The Happiness Equation.  

Like a Queen was such a real book about parenting and life, super relatable kinda of funny and kinda of emotional.  I really enjoyed it. Plus I found it a fairly easy read, sometimes I have to go back and reread a chapter because I forget what happened or possibly fell asleep trying to stay up to read. This wasn’t like that, its a fairly easy, no brain power required read!  

I’m in the middle of Simplicity Parenting and very much enjoying it, I do think I need to break it up a bit,  The book has so much information and tips that I like to take my time and find ways to apply it to my life.  So far I have loved the chapter on Toys and how to simplify.  It reconfirmed a lot of my own personal beliefs on toys and gave me a good guideline and reminder of what and how to purge the toys.  Plus it felt like a good kudos to what I have already been doing.  

Finally The Happiness Equation was fabulous and reminded me of what I want from my life.  I have two copies of it and keep loaning them out because I feel like this book can help so many people.  It’s just a really great read, easy to get through but really got me thinking!  I loved this book.

As for future reads, my mom actually recommended a parenting book, Superbaby. Now my mom was a single mom who did an amazing job given her circumstances but I laugh at her recommendation, I love the book and its suggestions and theories with regards to parenting.  The reason I laugh is because they are a little different than how my mom parented.  But being wise as she is, she is able to look at her parenting style objectively and suggest things she would change.  I appreciate that about her and if I raised my kids the same as my mom we would have nothing to complain or worry about!  That being said I have gone out and bought Superbaby and am excited to get some ideas about parenting and give them a try.  Since we are new to this parenting thing and I love hearing studies and knowing how kids learn or respond to different parenting styles this book really had me interested. Plus it focuses on the first 3 years of a child’s life and I happen to have three in that category right now:)

What’s on your bookshelf and how do you fit in reading while raising little ones?  I would love to hear from you.  

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