“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”

So today was a big day, it was our first “photo shoot” as a family of 5.  It’s true Eleanor has past the 4 month mark and I am just getting to have family pictures taken.  

It’s funny how you change with each child and document them differently or maybe only I do that because I am all over the map, disorganized and scattered.  With my first child I am pretty sure we booked our photos within a couple weeks of him being born and I love to look at them and remember how little he was and how nervous and unsure we were.  They completely bring back such emotions and memories I wouldn’t have without using the picture as a reminder.  Then came Grace, our middle child, we didn’t do any pictures after she was born (professionally I mean, she has tons of pictures).  Instead I had a maternity photo shoot and actually made sure to get some belly photos!  Again I love these pictures because they remind me of what it was like just a few short years ago.  

Fast forward to present day and I feel even more passionate about making sure to have pictures at anything and everything you do.  My kids love to look at the pictures and see themselves, I use them when I am annoyed or frustrated to remind myself of all the happy and good times we have, and I especially love them to remember what it was like when Rowen was a baby, or when I was pregnant or in some cases when someone now deceased was living!  Pictures are so important to me and seem like one of the best gifts I can leave for my kids for so many reasons.  

Anyways I had booked Daph from Daphne Lynne Photography to come to the house and spend a couple of hours hanging out and capturing us in our element!  I am not a fan of posed photos and although it sometimes means we do not have a photo of all of us together it usually means we captured the “true” essence of us as individuals and really what more could we ask of a picture.  I have a family of people who have big expressions (usually to match some big personalities) and we are not good at having a poker face which makes for some great photos!  Daph’s personality and style was exactly what I wanted, she is super professional but so laid back and almost invisible when she’s taking photos (which was important to me because I find sometimes it hard to have everyone relaxed enough and to just act cool and normal!).  She just made this so easy.  The plan was she would come over have a little play time with us and the kids, stay for a dinner and then capture our nighttime routine (anyone who knows us knows how funny this is as we are about the most unroutine people you could meet!). 

I was super excited as we have almost finished a Reno and wanted to have pictures of the kids at our house.  The reason I picked her to do it was because we had been at a mutual friends house for dinner and she asked to take a few pics. At the time I didn’t think much of it as we were just having a nice night with friends but a couple of nights later she sent the photos to us. I was in awe, they were perfect and showed just a casual night out with friends as if it were the most amazing night in the world.  I was sold!  OH and it was a pretty amazing night, the best nights seem to be those unplanned random gatherings. 

However my planned and scheduled photoshoot with Daph did not go as I had envisioned.  In my mind photo shoot day was amazing.   My home would be so clean and completely styled with fresh flowers and beautiful decor and all that jazz.  In reality it caused me so much anxiety and unnecessary stress to rush to get the house cleaned that I gave up and realized if I truly wanted lifestyle photos I needed to accurately represent our lifestyle.  Plus it didn’t help that shoot day was not our laundry day (we share a laundry room with our tenants) and it was our first day of trying to potty train which actually translated to the first day my son ran around peeing and pooping on whatever he wanted, and when he wasn’t doing that he would be rubbing his naked bum on stuff.  Plus, not sure if I mentioned, it actually might have been the hottest day of the summer and besides the fact that my son refused to wear clothes or even underwear (literally was naked the entire photo shoot) I was a sweaty disgusting mess.  But I tried to embrace it and think this is our life and these pictures will show us on a regular sweaty, messy, naked day!

Fast forward a couple of days post photo shoot, we get a teaser of 5 incredible photos!  Like seriously she made our family into models and our chaotic life into a beautiful story told through photos.  To say I was thrilled would be an understatement, these pictures will one day be all I have left of some of the memories of the early years with three kids under three.  That makes them priceless and so special.  Thank you seems hardly adequate to express our appreciation to Daph but they often say the highest compliment you can pay someone is to share and recommend them. So, with that in mind I give you all my recommendation of Daphne Lynn Photography… hire her to come and capture your everyday life or important moments, she is truely talented and gifted. Thanks Daph!

One thought on ““We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy you loved your photos, Carly. You are so talented, sweet, kind and honest. I love how you made me feel so warm and welcome in your home with your family. You are truly one of a kind and I am so lucky to have met you and fandangled you into my newest friend. Is it time for another photoshoot yet?? 😍😉😘

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